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Slide 1 Mindfully We help increase awareness about the importance of childhood and parenthood. Childhood is the seed level and the essence of a human being. There are not enough words to emphasize how important those first years are. The first years of a person shape the way someone lives their life. The peace, love and respect we want to see in the world has to start within our homes. Learn More Life

Slide Parenthood is a self-discovery journey and the first step is to explore and discover ourselves. When we take the time to dig within, we become an emotional intelligent parent, which means that we increase our self-awareness by identifying who we are, our fears, traumas, triggers and goals. Being attuned to who we are gives us the opportunity to enhance our performance as a parent.
We all have the power to be that inspiring, loving, patient and unconditional parent that we expect to be and that our children hope to see in us. It is not about being a perfect parent, because there is no such thing, it is about being a good enough parent who constantly strives for the best and is resilient when encountering challenges. Mindfully Life provides you with a deep journey in which you will learn tools, techniques and interventions, to make your journey as a parent more meaningful and with less guilt. Remember you already are the best version of yourself as a parent, you just have to discover it and believe in it.
Supporting Emotional & Mental Well-Being Our goal

Slide Our Coach Presenting Erika Valencia Ocampo, LMSW Mental Health Therapist, Certified Child Parent Psychotherapist (CPP), Certified Coach,
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.
Erika is at the forefront of MindFullyLife, she has dedicated her career to helping families and individuals overcome difficulties by discovering their abilities from within to move forward. Erika achieved her Masters degree in Social Work from New York University.

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